Family Helps This 100-Pound Beagle On His Weight-Loss Journey


An overweight beagle puppy was given over to an animal shelter by his owner over the phone since he was having a lot of problems as a result of his weight. The small dog, Wolfgang, was quite amiable but was obviously overweight since he weighed 90 pounds when they placed him on the scale.

Since this weight was three times the allowed body weight, doctors, rescuers, and volunteers at the shelter were quite concerned.


Despite all of his challenges, Wolfgang never allowed his history define him, and his endearing demeanor was a constant reminder of this.

Volunteer at the shelter Erin McManis explained to The Dodo:

“On the first day we took him out of the shelter, he was exceedingly pleasant and sociable, and that never changed. We chose to adopt him because we wanted to see him lose weight.

Erin and her family made the decision to bring the overweight dog home to assist him after he spent a few days at the Arizona Beagle Rescue. When he first started walking, Wolfgang was only able to cover extremely small distances before becoming too exhausted and irritated.

He was unable to welcome his new mother at the entrance because of his weight, which was another obstacle.

said Erin

“My dogs often greet me at the door when I arrive home from work. Wolfgang, however, was unable to do so. He would simply exhaust him too much. He would wait for me to go say hello while wagging his tail furiously on his bed. He was able to leave the house once he started dropping weight.


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